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Topics Covered in AVAAL’s Trucking Dispatch Training Course

  • January 07, 2020
  • Madeline S.

The transportation industry has been essential during the pandemic and continues to have many lucrative career opportunities for those interested. One of the key roles in the industry is that of a trucking dispatcher. A truck dispatcher is responsible for getting goods from one place to another, but they also have many other duties and responsibilities. We cover all of these important topics in our Trucking Dispatch Training course so that you can enter this career with all of the necessary skills and knowledge. Here’s what we cover in our course.

Hands-On Software Training

Unlike other training courses, AVAAL’s Trucking Dispatch Course includes hands-on experience with dispatch software. You’ll learn how to use real software to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce operational overhead. We also cover how to use load matching software so that you learn how to contact and negotiate with brokers. This means that when you land a job, you’ll already have hands-on experience with some of the most popular software used in the industry.

Business Set-Up & Management

In addition to helping people get a job at an existing trucking company, we also include information for those that want to start their own trucking business, now or in the future. Our course covers topics such as record keeping, negotiation, business growth, accounting, and account management.

Necessary Documents & Policies

The transportation industry is one of the most heavily regulated. Whether you’re looking to step into a trucking dispatch role or start your own business, it’s important to understand all of the documents and policies you need to follow in order to be compliant. Our dispatch training course covers key compliance issues such as border crossing, authorities, permits, and certifications.

Industry Concepts

A truck dispatcher plays a key role in the transportation industry. In order to be successful in this role, you’ll have to have a good understanding of key concepts and ideas in the industry. AVAAL’s Trucking Dispatch training course will cover all of these important topics, such as the role of technology in the industry, basics of trucking and logistics, and important keywords and roles. You’ll no longer be a beginner by the time you finish this course!

Duties & Responsibilities

A trucking dispatcher’s main role is to move freight safely and efficiently from one spot to another. There are many truck dispatcher duties and responsibilities that happen along the way, though, which are all covered in our dispatch specialist training course. You’ll learn all about the key parts of this job, like record keeping, route planning, freight management, freight pricing, order management, negotiating, and documentation.

Ready to jump-start your career in the trucking industry? Enroll in our Trucking Dispatch Course today!