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Transportation Authorities & Permits

Make sure your business has all the correct documentation to transport goods.


Avaal provides logistics companies with all the permits and authorities needed to transport goods from coast to coast – Our expert staff ensure a stress-free experience as you embark on your new business venture. Avaal can also help existing carriers with maintaining and renewing their current permits or building a corporate identity. Services include website design, logo design, and marketing materials.

Authorities and Permits

  • CVOR/NSC Number
  • IFTA Decals
  • IRP Plates
  • Canadian Carrier Code
  • UCR Registration
  • SCAC Code
  • DOT Number
  • MC Number
  • BOC-3 Process Agent filing
  • NY HUT Registration
  • KYU Number
  • NM WDT Registration
  • PARS & PAPS Labels

Corporation Registration and Profile Building

Register your new trucking business as a provincial or federal corporation to minimize risk to your personal finances. Improve your market visibilty with a professionally designed website, eye catching logo, and promotional materials including brochures and business cards.

IRP Renewal & Vehicle Registration

  • Plate renewal
  • Trip Permit
  • Replace sticker
  • Original registration
  • Transfer of a used vehicle
  • Plate attachment/replacement/termination
  • Data changes (e.g. address, make, model)
  • Vehicle status changes

Carrier Bonds

Improve the scope and flexibility of your business as a bonded carrier. Bonded carrier status allows you to move goods inland to a CBSA office to be released by customs, or to move goods through Canada without having the shipment released.

IFTA, New York, New Mexico, Kentucky Tax Filing

The international Fuel Tax Agreement requires quarterly tax return filings for all carriers. The above U.S states collect Highway Use Taxes and also require quarterly filing. Let Avaal take care of the tedious number crunching.