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We are your transportation technology partner every step of the way.

Avaal Technology Solutions is the industry leader in providing cost-effective and time-saving solutions to the transportation industry. Whether you are looking for education and training to expand your knowledge, professional consulting services to help you start and grow your business, or cutting edge technology to take your company to the forefront of the industry, Avaal is at your service.


Let Avaal's professional consultants give you peace of mind and reduce your workload. Avaal consultants have years of experience to help you set up and obtain the right permits and authorities needed to operate your commercial motor vehicle business in Canada and the United States. Our consultants can help you to increase your return on investment with C-TPAT and PIP certification, and enhance your scope of operations with customs bonds.


As Gandhi once said "Live as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to live forever". At Avaal we believe that life-long learning is essential to long-term success. Avaal delivers an educational experience to prepare you for the next level. Avaal is a key provider of training solutions for individuals that are interested in developing their competencies in a large array of technical and industry specialized areas.


In today's increasingly competitive market, technology can give you the edge you need to streamline your operations. Differentiate yourself with Avaal Express software and optimize your dispatch, fleet management, safety and compliance and accounting systems. Avaal Express caters to a wide variety of needs in the transport sector – freight brokers, auto-haulers amongst others by delivering target specific solutions for each sector.

Mission Statement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with transportation companies to add value at every stage of development from inception until success.

Our Vision

With the worldwide growth of the transportation, we aim to bring technological advances and electronic services to foster communications, develop tracking capabilities and optimize operational efficiency. Avaal will be the ultimate solution specialist for all aspects of the transportation industry.

Our Values.

Practice Integrity

We believe in honesty and integrity on all fronts. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in ethics, morals and business.

Value our Customers

We find practical and effective solutions to meet the needs of our customers through excellent execution of service and support.

Drive Innovation

We always evaluate what we are doing to continually challenge our methods and ask ourselves how to simplify and improve our business. Our evolution is directly tied to our ability to initiate progress.

Create Transparency

We openly share information, knowledge and the best ideas across the organization, realizing that we are dependent on each other for Avaal's success.

Support Diversity

We promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded on the basis of their efforts and ideas, without regard to their race, gender or creed.

Cultivate Leadership

We encourage the growth of our team. We empower them with knowledge and resources to develop our products and services and to lead our markets.

Avaal History

Avaal Technology was founded by the President and CEO Dara Nagra in September 2003. During the initial stages, Avaal focused on hardware sales and IT consulting. With his extensive background in project management and strategic infrastructure development, Dara sought to bridge the gap between the transportation industry and advances in technology. Dara and the core development team liaised with industry and government leaders in the transport sector to identify areas for improvement. With these marking points, Avaal launched a range of products which set the company on a path for tremendous growth and success. Avaal Express provides a unique software platform for transportation and logistics. Avaal eManifest portal which seamlessly integrates US and Canadian manifest needs into a single user friendly window.

As with any company catering to large enterprise clientele, business strategies must adapt to rapidly changing environments. To support our products and to ensure innovative solutions are developed, Avaal began recruiting employees with the talent and enthusiasm to move forward into the future. We established a 24/7 support center for prompt service for all our products. Several market studies revealed the lack of reliable legislative and operational information for this sector. Given our expertise, it was a natural transition for Avaal to move into consulting and education. Avaal Trucking Dispatch Specialist and Logistics Management Specialist courses have equipped graduates to excel in their fields with solid foundations. Our consultants have helped many companies to obtain the right authorities and permits to initiate their operations smoothly. Avaal has also improved the marketability of transport companies by obtaining certifications and bonded status that adds newer revenue streams.

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Avaal Express has made our operation more efficient. Various modules within the program are well integrated that enables us to generate different operational reports including driver and owner operator statements in one stop. We put a lot of value into the professional approach made by Avaal development team who have always been available to provide technical support and training to our staff.

Essi Torabi (General Manager of Malhi Carriers Inc)

I wanted to thank Avaal for providing us with great support. Your team has always helped us to the extent where we are completely satisfied with the service & product. Please inform us of any new features that will be added on the software. The software is working well for us and our accounting department is more comfortable on using this system. Keep up the good work.

Satwant Singh ( President of Silver Start Transportation )

Avaal has done an excellent job with our authorities, permits and getting us C-TPAT, CSA, PIP, FAST approved. We rely on Avaal's software on a daily basis to submit our ace manifests and managing our business operations with Avaal Express Dispatch Software.

Harpreet ( Trans 99 Logistics)

Our company has been with Avaal since 2008 and we are proud to say our productivity rate has always been at its maximum. Avaal has a dedicated team of individuals who are there to support you every step of the way.

Binny (Speed X Logistics)