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AVAAL continues to make its mark on the trucking industry for almost 20 years

  • May 03, 2022

There are no secret recipes or shortcuts for success. It needs focus, dedication, and hard work. The reality is that we do have a unique (not secret) recipe and that is our business model; Training - Consulting - Software.


We engage with our customers from the very first step of their journey. Whether they are looking for a job as a Dispatcher/Safety Officer or starting their own business. The main concerns are always to figure out where to begin, whom to trust, and what is the right path to take. This part is cleared and covered by our Training Courses; Only few days long, no fluff, only the essentials, offered as a mix of industry knowledge, hands-on software practice, and real world environment training.


Upon graduation, students are assigned a personal Account Manager to go over their goals and guide them through their next steps. AVAAL offers exclusive packages, fully personalized, with special discounts for students that cover all their needs from inception to success. These packages include Business Incorporation, CAN & U.S. Authorities, Safety Services, Customs Bonds, Certifications (C-TPAT, PIP, CSA, ISA, Smartway), Corporate Branding (Website, Logo, Email), and of course our Dispatch Software (Cloud-based AFM, Desktop-based AED) to run their operations integrated with AVAAL eManifest for CAN/U.S. Border Crossing


Once our customers are up and running, a dedicated software support team will engage with them to ensure a smooth onboarding. Our software training sessions are unlimited and free and our support team is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trucking never sleeps and neither do we!
We are proud to have the best Customer Service in the market - no other competitor comes even close - and we will continue to raise the bar even higher!

Why our software solutions are successful? Easy to use, Fast and reliable, fully integrated and automated processes. It's designed to make your life easy while a lot of complex stuff are running under the hood. Our in-house engineers, designers and analysts work around the clock to continuously provide you with the best technology at the best price

We have a mission to provide trucking companies with end-to-end solutions to facilitate their growth and add value at every stage of their development.

AVAAL in Numbers

15,000+ Customers

7,000+ Graduate Students

6,000+ Daily Software Users

19+ Years of Excellence