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Avaal e-Manifest

ACE/ACI Portal

Your Easy-to-Use e-Manifest Software

Customs Border Protection (CBP) now requires all carriers to submit electronic manifests through their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). Avaal's e-Manifest is certified by the US CBP after undergoing an extensive and rigorous testing process to ensure compatibility.

Avaal's e-Manifest software is custom tailored to meet your requirements and provides the greatest level of flexibility and ease-of-use in the market. Whether you are a single operator or a multi-national corporation, Avaal has an e-Manifest plan to suit your needs. Let Avaal's team of qualified professionals handle your e-Manifest needs and ensure your border-crossing experience is hassle free.

There are several reasons you should consider Avaal as your solutions provider for transmitting e-Manifsts to US Customs & Border Protection. Take a look at why so many transport companies are selecting Avaal as their number one choice:

24/7 Support

Need assistance? Avaal has a dedicated team of professionals available to take your inquires and trouble-shoot your issues 24-hours a day, seven days a week.


Avaal utilizes high performance infrastructure to ensure zero downtime for companies using the system. An in house IT staff ensures all servers are kept up-to-date and error free, 24-hours per day.

User Friendly

There has never been an easier way to transmit your e-Manifests. Our easy-to-use web portal is simple to navigate and designed for even the most novice user.

Fast Response

Avaal's web application uses specialized high-bandwidth connections to ensure real-time processing.

Fax Service

Avaal offers a 24x7 Fax service for those who prefer not to transmit manifest themselves, electronically. Simply Fax Avaal the Manifest Information Sheet and Avaal will handle the rest for you! You will also receive notification alerts via telephone or email, as to the status of the trip & shipment(s).

Customs Clearance

Eliminate your border wait times. Avaal can handle the timely release of your shipment from customs and provide you with your entry number. (*Only available with Premium Fax Service.)

Cost Efficient

Outsource your border-crossing services to Avaal and reduce your overhead cost while maximizing your return on investment.


All data stored and transmitted through Avaal's online portal is secured with the highest level of encryption available. This means you can administer your account without having to worry about sensitive information being viewed by the wrong people.

ACI (Advance Commercial Information)

Avaal e-Manifest Portal is now fully featured to support ACI (Advance Commercial Information)! ACI allows drivers to cross the border into Canada from the US The Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program introduces more effective risk management processes and tools to identify threats to our health, safety, and security prior to the arrival of cargo and conveyances in Canada.

The ACI program is about providing CBSA officers with electronic pre-arrival information so that they are equipped with the right information at the right time to identify health, safety and security threats related to commercial goods before the goods arrive in Canada. Avaal e-Manifest was one of the early adopters of the ACI Program and is trusted nationwide in the transportation industry.

Avaal ACI e-Manifest requires trade partners in all modes of transportation to submit cargo, crew/passenger, conveyance, secondary and importer data to the CBSA prior to arrival at the border.

Integration with Avaal Express

Avaal ACE/ACI e-Manifest is North America's most user-friendly and efficient ACE/ACI Portal. Now, it is available directly in our transportation software, bringing harmony and simplicity when managing your business. Avaal strives to create an intuitive solution to transportation companies looking for an all-in-one software package. By creating and managing all of your manifests directly in Avaal Express; you save time, substantially improve productivity and reduce the headaches of switching back and forth between endless amounts of applications.

If you would like to learn more about integrating Avaal ACE/ACI e-Manifest with our transportation software, contact us or give us a call (1-877) 995-1313.