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Qualities that Make a Good Truck Dispatcher

  • October 30, 2020
  • Madeline S.

Trucking dispatchers play a crucial role in the transportation industry, helping make sure freight gets where it’s supposed to across the U.S. and Canada. Dispatchers are responsible for arranging the delivery and pick up of freight, including making schedules, selecting routes, keeping records, generating documents, and maintaining communication with clients. This job can be lucrative and rewarding, but its fast pace means not everyone is cut out for it. Here are a few qualities typically found in top dispatchers.


On the surface, a trucking dispatchers' role seems simple: move freight from spot A to spot B. In order to do that, though, there are many moving parts. Dispatchers have to make schedules, plan routes, and keep records to name a few duties. All of this requires exceptional organizational skills. An unorganized dispatcher could spell disaster for a transportation company.


Communication is a big part of a truck dispatchers’ duties. They have to be able to communicate effectively with drivers, warehouses, and clients. A good dispatcher should be able to professionally communicate over email and the phone.

Technical Skills

The transportation industry has undergone a technological revolution in recent years. Today, technology plays a huge role in the industry, and dispatchers need to know how to use it. Most aspects of a dispatchers’ job, from scheduling to invoicing, use some sort of software. Some companies use comprehensive trucking dispatch software while others use separate ones. A dispatcher will need to have the technical skills to navigate whichever software their company uses.


There are a lot of things to juggle as a dispatcher, and it can get quite hectic. Truck dispatchers are responsible for multiple freight loads at a time, often for many different companies. Being able to multitask and keep on top of everything is crucial to the role. A good dispatcher should know what tasks to prioritize while ensuring everything gets done right and on time.


Being able to adapt to any situation is important as a truck dispatcher. A lot of unplanned situations can arise, from long loading times, traffic delays, or bad weather. A good dispatcher is able to quickly come up with a backup plan and act on it. This role requires someone that can think on their feet and respond to situations quickly.

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