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Truck Dispatcher Course

Experience the transportation industry first hand and learn all there is to know about truck dispatching in our dispatcher course.

Truck Dispatch Training Outline

Are you looking for a new and exciting career in the transportation industry? The trucking industry plays a vital role in North America’s economy and the trucking industry continues to grow. There is no better industry to start your career!

Our Trucking Dispatch Specialist course will put you on the fast track to becoming a truck dispatcher. Our course is designed to provide an introduction to concepts and issues in the logistics and trucking industry. We ensure that you’ll have a firm grounding in the basics of trucking by the time the course ends. This course will introduce you to concepts such as fleet management, record keeping, bonded carriers, freight pricing and more.

The trucking industry has undergone a technological transformation in the past few years. These days trucking companies use a number of software to help monitor and run their businesses. During our Trucking Dispatch Specialist course, you’ll learn how to use some of the most popular trucking software used in the industry, such as LoadLink and Avaal Express Dispatch Software. This course also provides an introduction to general trucking IT so that you can learn the value technology has in running a smooth and effective business.

Dispatcher Course Outline

Introduction to Dispatch Logistics and IT

This course provides an introduction to concepts and issues in operations management and is designed to give a firm grounding in the basics of managing materials. It examines the influence of transportation on decisions made by firms, both from the standpoint of users of transportation and carrier management,It focuses on processes that add value through the production and delivery of services and products in the supply chain,and the tools needed to manage these processes effectively.

Load Matching and Acquisition

Online load matching systems provide a fast, convenient way to help ensure that no truck drives an extended trip with an empty load. We provide in-depth training featuring the popular software package LoadLink, how it is used to advertise loads and how to contact and negotiate with load brokers.

Hands-on Truck Dispatching Training

Dispatching is a complex process that can quickly get out of hand without the right tools. We use Avaal Express Dispatch Software as a case study in how dispatching software can help increase efficiency, reduce operational overhead and improve accuracy.

Additional Topics covered during our truck dispatcher course:

  • Business Set-up
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Freight Matching
  • Route Management
  • Authorities & Permits
  • Border Crossing
  • ACE e-Manifest
  • Record Keeping
  • Specialized Freight
  • TL,LTL Shipments
  • Order Management
  • Introduction to IT
  • Freight Pricing
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Bonded Carriers
  • Accounting Principles
  • Business Growth
  • Account Management

This truck dispatch training course gave me the knowledge I needed to start off a new dispatcher in this industry. I really enjoyed the sales tactics that were presented and feel confident I can apply the knowledge outside in the real world. The instructor (Mr. Nagra) created a fun yet informative environment. Thank you.

Gurjit Dulai (145th Toronto Batch)

To be honest, I was able to comprehend most of what was taught because of the instructor. His way of teaching was extraordinary. For someone like me with no trucking or dispatch background, Dara made it super easy to grasp the concept of dispatching. Thank you.

Sanaa Ahmed (145th Toronto Batch)

It was great to be part of this training.

Bhawna (Bano) Mann (75th Surrey Batch)

I am extremely satisfied with the contents of this dispatch course. i believe that i have never known many of the concepts related to trucking industry, if i had not attended this course.

Navdeep Bhangu (143rd Batch)

Mr. Dara is an exemplary orator that practices the skills he teaches in the course, through example he shows that these skills work, especially during the presentation of the course.

Artiom (143rd Batch)

Real world lessons from the trucking and shipping industry

Ali El-Baitam (143rd Batch)

Very knowledgeable and was able to gather some experience in with the course.

Kalyani (143rd Batch)

Love the instructor's vibe. Good Software, Good instructor.

Tajpreet (73rd Batch)

Gives an overall picture of what's happening in trucking and what we should be doing and avoiding.

Basma (3rd Batch)

I am so much impressed with personality of Dara Nagra the teacher positive environment created by trainer.

Sukhpreet Mangat (41th Batch)

It was the best effort by the trainer to share his knowledge with the students to be a successful truck dispatcher and much more.

Gurbachan Singh (4th Batch)

A lot of things learnt, Built confidence to start a new business.

Sarabjeet brar (144th Batch)

Thank you so much for giving and explaining the entire information about the whole system.

Prabhjot Kaur (144th Batch)

We had an excellent instructor who gave us lot of information regarding the industry and how to be one of the best Dispatcher

Brian AnthonyTavera (124th Batch)

The course provides realistic industry knowledge to adequately prepare you for a career as a Dispatcher. I have gained a lot of knowledge in this course . Thank you very much

Sandra Frempong (122nd Batch)

The trainer was excellent and taught everything in details. It has prepared me to be a confident dispatcher and also gave me lot of insight into how to start and manage my own business successfully.

Ramandeep Kaur (125th Batch)