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AVAAL Celebrates Its 200th Trucking Dispatch Specialist Graduation in Toronto

14 Aug 2023

AVAAL a premier provider of transportation solutions and educational services, proudly announces the graduation of its 200th Trucking Dispatch Specialist Class from its Toronto location.

The ceremony was honored to host Sonia Sidhu, MP - Brampton South, Bob Dosanjh, from Sanjha Punjab Radio TV, Nitin Chopra from Prime Asia, and Beata Kratiuk, owner of KMI Brokers, as distinguished guests. Their presence added immense value to the event, and AVAAL extends its sincere appreciation for their contributions.

Congratulations to the 200th Trucking Dispatch Specialist class graduates: Parmpreet Bajwa, Ajay Kumar, Karman Gill, Mandeep Singh, Gurtej Benipal, Darren Lloyd, and Syed Saif Wajid.

This noteworthy achievement highlights AVAAL's unwavering dedication to setting the gold standard in transportation and logistics education. Through their commitment, AVAAL continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing growth and enhancing the efficiency of trucking enterprises throughout Canada.

"Our mission has always centered on imparting practical, real-world expertise to our learners," remarked CEO Dara Nagra. "This 200th graduation is a testament to the legacy of education, innovation, and empowerment we've been cultivating over the years. Our certified dispatch specialists aren't merely joining the industry; they're sculpting its trajectory."

The Trucking Dispatch Specialist Certification by Avaal stands out as a transformative credential for many professionals. Alumni of this program have embarked on rewarding careers, seizing valuable opportunities, and significantly elevating the Canadian logistics sector.

Tailored with an emphasis on tangible, hands-on instruction, Avaal's programs ensure that graduates are armed with the indispensable knowledge and tools to thrive in their respective careers. The success of this 200th batch underscores Avaal's unparalleled approach to education.

Dara Nagra added, "We're not just educators; we're sculpting a vibrant community of professionals with a shared passion for the industry. Witnessing our graduates prosper and add value to diverse enterprises speaks volumes about our program's caliber. We're enthusiastic about continuing this journey, eagerly anticipating the next 200 batches."

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