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Avaal Technology celebrates the graduation of its third class in the Dispatch Specialist Course at its Winnipeg campus

01 Oct 2011

Thursday, September 29, marked the completion of the third Avaal Trucking Dispatch Specialist Course graduation ceremony in Winnipeg. Students who successfully graduated from the program were presented with their graduation certificates and had the opportunity to discuss their future aspirations with business experts. Students enthusiastically participated in the discussions and gathered several pieces of critical information to help ensure success in the future.

Guests of honour Blair Grabski, supplier for Revlon and Johnson & Johnson of Canada and the CEO of J & J Trading, along with Troy Matusow presided over the event. They personally congratulated each student for completing the course and emphasized the importance of the skills and the knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. They also provided several insights into the logistics industry and highlighted its tremendous growth potential for the near future. They expressed gratitude towards Avaal and the students for invitation to the ceremony. Mr Grabski and Mr Matusow provided students with motivational speeches, emphasizing the importance of education in today’s competitive society.

Students and guests were then served dinner and drink courtesy of the Avaal staff, and later participated in a photograph session. Graduates from this class included Jaswinder K Chahal, Amit Braich of Braich Transport, Vibhu Raj Jhanji, and Sharanjit Singh of DTS Trucking Ltd.

Companies involved in the logistics industry are becoming increasingly complex. Dispatchers now require a specialized skill set to effectively fulfill their role in the supply chain. Students in the Dispatch Specialist course learn how to integrate technology with software skills in order to manage the daily functions of logistics operations. The course also focuses on implementing strategies to economize the integration between organizations and their various elements. In addition, students acquire the necessary problem solving and analytical skills to efficiently process large volumes of data and utilize effective decision making techniques to solve problematic situations.

Through the development of Avaal’s e-Manifest web portal, the organization has gained tremendous recognition throughout the logistics industry. Several large scale transport providers have implemented the use of Avaal’s system in their operations, and have expressed great satisfaction with the software itself and with Avaal’s level of service. Avaal has become an industry leader in IT solutions geared towards the transport sector. Their customer service commitment includes live 24 hour support. Avaal ensures its customers that all support inquiries are handled in a prompt and timely fashion. In addition to its renowned level of service, Avaal’s web portal has been described as the most user-friendly and effective way to transmit manifests online.

Avaal Technology Solutions is a recognized Private Career College by the government of Canada and students may be eligible for government assistance. More information about educational programs and logistics services can be obtained by visiting the company website at

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