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Avaal Technology celebrates the graduation of its 7th West Coast class in the Dispatch Specialist Course

28 Feb 2011

On Friday, February 25th, 2011, Avaal Technology Solutions held a graduation celebration for the seventh batch of students of the Avaal Trucking Dispatch Specialist Course in Avaal’s Vancouver campus. Raj Pataria, Eugene Bakhtiyarov, Chen Jiang, Inderjit Arora, Naninder Singh Beesla, Surinder Bath, Ruby Gill, and Binderpal Brar are the newest graduates of the course. Like every other class this one was no different, with students demonstrating curiosity, great expectations, a drive to succeed, and accepting nothing but the best. The class was filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a lot of excitement. The president and CEO of Avaal Technology, Dara Nagra, taught the class with the same energy, and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams. At the end of five days of an intense but very educating course the students were overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge they had gained.

After the ceremony, graduates offered comments on the course: "This is an awesome program. Makes life a lot simpler and very easy to run your own business. Thank you Avaal." -Raj Pataria

"I am very happy to learn this course, and I am very confident now, it gave me all the knowledge I need to be able to get a job as a dispatcher and be successful at it."-Inderjit Arora

"I loved the way Avaal was able to educate us on how to utilize technology so we can properly manage a transportation business." -Naninder Beesla

Avaal's courses are designed by industry professionals and focus on face-to-face interaction in a workshop format. This delivers an invaluable learning environment for participants through case studies that will improve skills and understanding that can be applied quickly and confidently to improve bottom line performance.

Avaal Technology is a recognized Private Career College by the government of Canada and students may be eligible for government assistance. More information about educational programs and logistics services can be obtained by visiting the company website

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