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Avaal Technology celebrates the completion of its 19th Successful Batch in the Dispatch Specialist course

26 Apr 2009

Brampton, ON -- August 12, 2007 - Sunday marked the completion of Avaal’s 19th Dispatch Specialist course graduation ceremony. Students who successfully graduated from the program were presented with their graduation certificates and had the opportunity to discuss their future aspirations with business experts from various industries. Students enthusiastically participated in the discussions and gathered several pieces of critical information to help ensure success in the future. Dr. Ranvir Sharda presided over the event and personally congratulated each student for completing the course and explained the importance of the skills and knowledge gained throughout the curriculum. Dr. Sharda also provided several insights into the logistics industry and highlighted its tremendous growth prospects for the near future. Shortly after his speech, Dr. Sharda and Dara Nagra, CEO of Avaal, presented special guest of honor, Dr. Kuldip Kular (MPP, Bramalea - Gore - Malton - Springdale) with a plaque to thank him for his attendance at the event. Dr. Kular expressed tremendous gratitude towards Avaal and students for inviting him, and provided students with a motivational speech, emphasizing the importance of education in today’s society. Major Singh Nagra from Watan Media group was also present at the event. Students and guests were then served lunch courtesy of the Avaal staff, and later proceeded to participate in a photograph session. Graduates from this session included, Devinder Singh Matharu, Fouzia Noor, Simran Rakhraj, Baljit Kaur Purewal, Bhupinder S. Gill, Bhupinder Walia, Kulwant Junday, Pardeep Hans, Sukhjinder Mavi, Desmond M Mazhandu, Baldev Singh Basanti, Naveen Bindra, Jaswinder Chohan, Jasbir Sandhu.

Through the development of Avaal’s E-Manifest web portal, the organization has gained tremendous recognition throughout the logistics industry. Several large scale transport providers have already implemented the use of Avaal’s system in their operations, and have expressed great satisfaction with the software itself and Avaal’s level of service. Avaal has become known as an industry leader in IT solutions catered towards the transport sector. Their customer satisfaction guarantee on the E-Manifest portal includes live 24hr support in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati. Furthermore, Avaal provides customers with live notification alerts as to the status of U.S bound shipments. However, the number one feature that sets Avaal apart from its competitors is its unique wait time guarantee. Avaal ensures customers that all support inquiries will be handled within a maximum of thirty seconds. This feature clearly provides a significant advantage for carriers that engage in time-sensitive shipments. In addition to its renowned level of service, Avaal’s web portal has been described as the most user-friendly and effective way to transmit manifests online. The company even provides live demonstrations and a one month free trial for those interested in taking the portal for a test drive!

Avaal has also recently announced the launch of its C-TPAT certification division that will act as a consulting service to logistics organizations that wish to become certified with USCBP (US Customs and Border Protection). C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a voluntary partnership between CBP and the trade to secure the international supply chain. This is the latest initiative introduced by CBP and offers partners expedited processing of shipments and reduced delays when entering the US. As explained by Mr. Nagra of Avaal, C-TPAT certification can often be a tedious and frustrating process without the proper expertise. CBP requires organizations to meet certain operational standards before certification is granted. The conditions include full surveillance of the facility and sophisticated employee identification systems. Companies are also required to run routine checks of there equipment to ensure no hidden compartments are found that could accommodate illegal smuggling into the US. Furthermore certification also requires the installation of advanced GPS monitoring systems on all trucks and trailers transporting goods to the US. The list of requirements goes on and is quite extensive. More information on C-TPAT certification and its associated benefits can be obtained by contacting Avaal at 905-595-1313.

Companies within the logistics industry are becoming increasingly complex and require a specialized skill set to effectively manage the daily operations. Avaal offers a one year diploma program on the full supply chain and logistics management process. Students learn how to integrate technology and various software packages to manage the daily functions of large-scale logistics operations. The course also focuses on implementing strategies to economize the integration between divisions in an organization while exploring the concept of supply chain management and its various elements. In addition, students acquire the necessary problem solving and analytical skills that prepare them to efficiently process large volumes of data and utilize effective decision making techniques to contain problematic situations. The institution also reserves scholarship opportunities and full government loans for students who meet the eligibility requirements. More information on the course can be found at Avaal’s website,

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