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Avaal Technology proudly announces the launch of its Freight Forwarding Fast Track Course

26 Apr 2009

Brampton, ON -- April 16, 2009

AVAAL Technology, leader in logistics solutions in GTA (www.avaal.com) has announced the launch of its Freight Forwarding Fast Track training course, with the first session starting May 2, 2009. An “open house” preview and orientation is scheduled on Sunday, April 26. AVAAL has never doubted the vital importance of training to all levels of any organization involved in freight and logistics activity. The company continues to believe that training is a worthwhile investment in good times and bad. With the economic chill being felt across the business world, a properly trained staff will be essential to any business survival strategy.

The advantages of putting time and effort into staff training speak for themselves. Employees gain greater confidence and undertake their work with fewer costly errors. Improved customer service cements existing business relationships and helps retain customers. Staff and managers respond to training investment with higher morale and greater job satisfaction, which in turn is reflected in higher staff retention.

Dara Nagra, AVAAL C.E.O. and founder, offers the following as the best way to approach training within any freight/ logistics organization: “The key to successful training provision is an understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to who is trained and how they are trained. Each role has different responsibilities and levels of activity, so the training provided must be appropriate for that level or it is a waste for the provider and employee.”

AVAAL takes its role in providing industry training very seriously. It is understood that the demands on any business are many, especially in troubled economic times, which is why courses are kept short, pertinent and relevant to both employer and employee. There are many opportunities to undertake training throughout the year to minimize the inevitable disruption created by having staff out of the office.

“We keep content up to date and timely in line with existing legislation, planned changes in legislation and best practices. All of our courses offer practical learning from our pool of experienced and qualified trainers. That is why I say to anyone involved in freight activity - AVAAL has a training solution for you.” Mr. Nagra said.

The course was developed at the request of freight forwarding professionals following concerns about the critical international skills shortage in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Program topics cover key areas and are broken up into easy-absorbed modules that focus on practical training in industry acknowledged best-practices that could be effectively applied in the workplace from day one.

This innovative approach to training has been designed by industry professionals and focuses on face-to-face interaction in a workshop format. This delivers an invaluable learning environment for participants through case studies that will improve skills and understanding that can be applied quickly and confidently when the student returns to the workplace to improve bottom line performance.

Topics covered in the freight forwarding course include details of operations including documentation requirements in transportation by road, rail, water and air, warehousing, international trade, customs clearance, insurance, import-export documentation, and marketing.

AVAAL is a recognized Private Career College by government of Canada and students may be eligible for government assistance. More information about educational programs and logistics services available can be obtained by calling 905-595-1313, or by visiting the company head office at 110 - 2 Automatic Road, Brampton, ON L6S 6K8. The company website www.avaal.com also provides information about these services.

For information: http://www.avaal.com or
Contact: info@avaal.com
Phone: 905-595-1313

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