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Hours of Service and Log Book Course

Experience the Transportation industry first hand

Course Introduction

The Government of Canada and the transportation industry developed rules and regulations to help reduce the number and severity of collisions. This course covers the Hours of Service Regulations in Canada and differences in regulations while driving in the USA. Students learn how to fill logbooks accurately in order to meet the compliance standards set by the concerned regulatory body.

The topics covered are:
  • Hours of Service Regulation
  • Cumulative hour cycle rules
  • Logbook & Record keeping requirements
  • Procedure for completing logbooks
  • Enforcement and Penalties

The course was very important to ensure that the company is compliant with all the Safety Rules and Regulations. It was very well detailed and clarified all my doubts

Veronika Szczerba

The course provides realistic industry knowledge to adequately prepare you for a career as a Dispatcher. I have gained a lot of knowledge in this course . Thank you very much.

Sandra Frempong